Announcing the new Fairhaven branding and refreshed logo

Noticed something a little different on our Fairhaven website lately? Starting with some of our digital and print material, we’ve begun to roll out our brand-new Fairhaven branding, including a refreshed Fairhaven logo.

Why the change?

Our previous branding has served us well for the past 10 years, helping us to become one of Melbourne’s most recognised and trusted builders, however we felt it was time for a little refresh to keep our brand looking as modern and contemporary as the quality homes we’re renowned for building. Our new corporate identity is set to take us into the next phase of our business. We’ve given things a simpler, more cultivated look. We’re still colourful at heart, however just as our business has matured in the past ten years, so has our identity.

“Most Melbournians know of Fairhaven Homes. Our intention was to keep the brand’s equity whist giving it a fresh look that conveys the professionalism and approachability of the popular volume builder.”

John Cassar – Creative Director, Kick&Co

What’s changed?

From the outside you’ll notice a new visual look, however that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Internally, we’ve got an even greater desire to offer customers a satisfying and seamless journey driven by quality transparent advice. We’ve dedicated countless hours over the past year to fine tune the inner workings of our business. We’ve revisited our mission and values and we’re more eager than ever to deliver outstanding customer service and a finished home that will stand the test of time.

What’s the same?

We’re still Fairhaven, an award-winning privately-owned family builder dedicated to the art of construction. We care about the parts of your home that you can’t see, like superior foundations and building materials. We deliver accessible prices, fixed quotes upfront and standard inclusions many competitors call upgrades. It’s the fair way to build homes and it helps keep our customers happy for life.

That’s Fair.

At Fairhaven we’re approachable, down-to-earth experts and we’ve always been about providing fair dinkum value. We’re honest, accountable and we make a pledge to our customers based on ensuring your home is built with pride and care. Why? Because when you’re entrusting us to build your new home, we believe ‘That’s Fair’.

So what’s next?

It’s a big job to roll out a rebrand of this size and some things like the logos on our fleet of vehicles may take a little while to replace so keep an eye out over the coming months as we reveal more of our new visual identity. We’ve also got big plans in place to give customers an unparalleled experience, including more accessible expert advice so they can make a more informed decision when it comes to selecting a builder and building their new home. Visit to keep up to date with the progress.


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