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A guide to property investment

Whether you’re buying your first house, looking for a new place to call home or looking for a smart spot for your money, there are many reasons why property makes a great investment.


Why invest

Let’s start with the why. Some people may find the idea of investing in property quite daunting, involving a lot of time, energy, research and advice. While these are valid concerns, the long-term benefits speak for themselves. Property is generally considered to be far less risky than investing in shares. The great thing about property is that it can be counted on to deliver relatively stable gains over a period of years – whether this looks like an increase in value, regular rental income or tax offsets and advantages. If you invest smartly, property can be an effective and even lucrative way of building wealth and setting yourself up for a great future.


When to invest

Timing plays a crucial role in property investment, but there is no single rule for when to invest. The best advice we can give you is this: invest when you’re ready. Remember that the property market fluctuates, so it’s important to seek advice and do thorough research regarding your financial commitment. You want to see a good return on your investment over time, so while there’s no standard playbook the best time to invest is going to be when you have the necessary funds and a good idea of what the market is doing. The worst thing you can do is rush into a big financial decision – wait until all your ducks are aligned. Giving yourself ample time to save for your deposit, research the market, select the right broker and find your ideal property, it pays off in the end.


Where to start

If you’re daunted about getting started, don’t be. Starting your property journey does not have to be a complex process, and we’re here to help. Choosing a building partner you can be confident in, will help you achieve your goals and is a great place to begin. With Fairhaven Homes, you can be sure you’re getting high quality at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking to buy a comfortable home or make a clever investment, we build homes to be proud of.


It’s easy to see benefits

It’s easy to see the benefits when you invest in property. Here are just a few of the more obvious ones:
Stability – although the market fluctuates, property makes a relatively stable investment compared to the more volatile stock market.
Capital growth refers to the appreciation in value of property over time. Investing wisely could see you benefit from significant gains.
Steady income – should you choose to rent it out, your property could bring in secure and steady income from tenants.
A physical asset you can see and touch, giving you confidence and peace of mind.
The first rung on the property ladder means that you’ll be entering a market where the only place to go is up, up, up!
If you’re ready to start your investment journey, our friendly team are here to answer all your questions.

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