Knock Down Rebuild

Don’t leave friends, family, school and the community that you love.

At Fairhaven Homes, our dedicated Knock Down & Rebuild team in Melbourne and surrounding areas are here to help you to create your dream home, designed to suit your family for years to come, right where you are.

Love your current neighbourhood but starting to feel that your existing home no longer meets your needs?

A knock down rebuild allows you to stay in your current neighbourhood and enjoy an architecturally inspired new home, designed specifically to reflect your style, taste and lifestyle. If you’re dreaming of a new house but don’t want to move, Fairhaven Homes’ Knock Down & Rebuild service may be perfect for you.

To learn more about how we can make your dream home a reality, please contact us or call 1800 FAIRHAVEN.

Whether you’ve built before or this is your first construction project, our Knock Down & Rebuild specialists are here to step you through the entire process. Starting with an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your vision and budget, assess your land and consider council and planning requirements, a Knock Down & Rebuild specialist will be with you every step of the way – from choosing your new home design to demolition, and lodging building permits to selecting floor plans, facades and colours.

How it Works

Stage One

You’ll meet with your Knock Down Rebuild consultant to discuss your vision and budget, and assess your land.

Stage Two

You’ll select your new home design and decide how it will fit on your block.

Stage Three

We’ll undertake some preliminary works (site inspections, soil reports, etc.) and prepare the initial documentation.

Stage Four

Your colour selection appointment is your opportunity to make your new home your own – you’ll choose your fixtures, fittings, finishes and colour schemes.

Stage Five

We’ll apply for your building permit and prepare working drawings and preliminary engineering designs.

Stage Six

Once your building permit is granted, you’ll sign the building contract and the existing property will be demolished.

Stage Seven

We’ll arrange final soil reports, contour surveys and engineering designs once demolition is complete.

Stage Eight

Construction of your new home begins. You’re encouraged to make regular site visits during the building process and share in the excitement as your new home takes shape.

Stage Nine

You’ll move into your new Fairhaven Home!

Download our Knock Down Rebuild Brochure