Important Update

An Important Update About COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19.
Updated 1 March 2021

Fairhaven is here for you.

From 11:59pm 26 February 2021, we are pleased to advise the updated COVID-safe requirements in line with the government’s COVID guidelines:

  • All clients must sign in using the QR Code
  • Use hand sanitizer on entry
  • Client to carry a face mask, but on not required to wear it unless it becomes overcrowded.
  • Density quotient is 1 person per 2sqm and the 1.5m social distancing still applies.
  • Sales office can have up to 18 people provide we maintain the 1.5m social distancing.

Please also note:

  • Our myHAVEN Selection Studio Appointments are now able to be held in-person (adhering to social distancing guidelines)
  • All appointments with our New Home Consultants can now be held in-person (adhering to social distancing guidelines)
  • Document signing will be by Docusign
  • Tender presentations will remain virtual until further notice

Already building with us?

We have you covered. Site visits will be performed 1-on-1 following social distancing protocols. We’re still here for you through the entire experience; if you have any questions please contact your New Home Consultant, Customer Relationship Officer or Site Supervisor. Your build is proceeding as normal with all of our construction team trained in personal safety and hygiene. Though the situation continues to evolve, we are not experiencing any delays or supply chain issues.


Safety is Our Top Priority

Hygiene protocol in place

At Fairhaven, we are taking all measures to ensure the safety of our customers, staff, and communities by following the most current guidelines from the World Health Organisation to prevent the spread of the virus. We are committed to maintaining personal hygiene with frequent handwashing, use of sanitisers, practising respiratory hygiene, professional cleaning and regularly disinfecting all surfaces in our display homes and myHAVEN selection studio.


Social distancing

Social distancing has been deeply encouraged wherever possible including creating remote workstations for many office staff, staying 1.5 metres from customers and co-workers and not shaking hands. We may not be able to shake your hand but, don’t worry, you’ll still get the same friendly and helpful service as before.


Staying home

All Fairhaven staff with symptoms of the virus or who have travelled overseas or been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been asked to stay home and quarantine for 14 days. We respectfully ask the same from our customers. If you are showing any symptoms, have had contact with someone with the virus or have travelled, kindly contact our staff to find out your options for video conferencing.


Your new home build is still underway

Our construction teams continue to operate under the guidance of our Site Supervisors and Construction Manager. Rest assured, progress continues on your home and we have provided our teams with clear instructions on maintaining personal hygiene and safety on site. Read the HIA whitepaper on new home construction site safety here.


We are ready to build your new home

Construction is an essential service in Victoria and is not subject to the restrictions of many other industries. Our team are still available during our regular hours, including our New Home Consultants and Customer Relationships Officers, and we remain ready to provide the same high level of service throughout the new home journey.


Display Home Visits

Virtual Tours

Most of our displays have virtual tours you can view from the comfort of your home. (You can find our collection of tours here) Our consultants will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my new home build still proceeding

Yes. Construction is considered by the Australian government to be an essential service and all builds in progress remain underway.


Can I still purchase a new home?

Yes, we are still accepting new sales. You can make an appointment to meet with a New Home Consultant here or by calling 1800 FAIRHAVEN.


Can I still view a display home?

Our display homes are now open only by virtual appointment.

If you’d prefer not to attend in person, our New Home Consultants can meet with you via video conference and walk you through the display whilst answering your questions. You can also view our virtual tours here.


Can I still meet with the construction team at the build site?

Due to the current restrictions in place, this is not permitted until further notice. However, your site supervisor is available by phone or email.


Is Fairhaven experiencing supplier issues?

No, Fairhaven Homes has worked to align with all of our suppliers to ensure our current and future builds remain on track and on time. Whilst we must comply with government regulations, we have not experienced any delays as a result. We will update customers with any changes that may arise.


Is COVID-19 going to impact my build?

Currently there are no issues from COVID-19 impacting on any of our builds. Construction remains an essential service and all of our builds continue to progress as usual. There is no current or anticipated shortage of supplies however we will continue to closely monitor our supply chains and will provide any updates as required.