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Why an independent building inspection makes sense (and dollars)

What is an independent stage inspection?

When choosing a builder, one of your key concerns is quality. First, you want to be sure your home has been built to meet the relevant Australian Standards. But more than that – you want the confidence that your home or investment will stand the test of time (and kids) and be a valuable asset your family will enjoy for decades to come.

That’s why reputable builders engage third parties to conduct regular inspections of your build at critical stages of the process. These independent assessors will access your home during the build to identify any issues that need to be rectified before you take over the property. This ensures that you get a higher quality finished product, and there are less delays so you’re likely to be able to move in sooner.

Independent stage inspections ensure:
● Your investment is finished to a high standard, and that you get the quality you have paid for.
● Your build meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards
● Defects are identified and resolved early, so they can be fixed before they become more serious and costly

The independent stage inspections for all Fairhaven Homes cover seven stages:

1. Slab inspections
2. Pre-plaster inspections
3. Pre-paint inspections
4. PCI/Final inspections
5. Service & Warranty inspections

Who is BPI 360?
Fairhaven Homes has engaged BPI 360 to undertake all our independent staged inspections. BPI 360 are market-leading independent building consultants who deliver a comprehensive and efficient service that covers every aspect of a newly constructed home.

BPI 360 review your build at key stages, they then work with us to ensure any defects are fixed, and that we make any required changes.

BPI 360 defect reports are sent to Fairhaven Homes in real time straight after inspection, meaning defects get fixed sooner and deadlines don’t blow out.

This process gives the owner the peace of mind that the property is completed to the highest possible standard.

As Fairhaven Homes has engaged BPI 360 to monitor our progress, you know you’ve chosen a reputable builder that values quality, efficiency and transparency.

All information written in above article accurate at time of posting, content will not be updated according to any changes.


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