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When a north-facing orientation is the best option

If you’re building a new home, you have probably already decided on the location you would like to build in. But what about the siting of your home on your block?

Known as orientation or aspect, where you build a home on your land can make a notable difference to, it’s energy efficiency and liveability.


What is orientation?

The orientation of your home refers to the position of the structure of your home on your block of land in relation to the sun.

Your home and its living areas will inevitably face north, south, east, or west — and because of the sun’s path from rising to setting this will impact a range of elements within your home.


Reasons to love north-facing orientation

North-facing is often touted as the optimal orientation in Australia. North-facing homes get the most sunlight across the course of the day, due to the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

It’s worth keeping in mind that achieving the highly desirable north-facing home doesn’t necessarily mean that your front door faces north. In fact, ideally you would have your home’s main living areas facing north or north-south. Here are a few reasons why north-facing is well-loved:


Natural light from the sun

No one wants to have lights switched on all day and night. By facing your home to the north, you won’t need to. North-facing homes tend to have more natural light to keep your house bright. Plus, natural light can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing, including boosting immunity and regulating circadian rhythms.


Temperature control

Not only will a north-facing property have more light, but it will also achieve radiant heat to keep your home warm, keeping your heating costs down.

On the flipside, in summer months your north-facing home will avoid the extreme afternoon sun from the west and maximise shade opportunities.


Outdoor entertaining

Summer barbecues and outdoor socialising are more likely to take place from lunchtime onwards. With this in mind, when you’re entertaining you will likely want the right balance of sun and shade. When oriented to face north, your home should be able to achieve just that.


Orientation factors to keep in mind

A north-facing home isn’t always possible, but not to worry — with thoughtful design choices such as clever window placements, skylights and more, you can achieve the optimal level of sunlight throughout your home year-round.

When contemplating orientations, also keep these factors in mind:


Home layout

The placement of your living areas and outdoor entertaining will likely make a difference in what the best orientation for your home is. Ask your Fairhaven Homes consultant to help you understand what effect you could expect from the orientation options available to you.



Trees, slopes, and other buildings can impact the light available to your home. Keep this in mind when you’re exploring options for your orientation.



Sometimes choosing an aspect that is perhaps not deemed ideal is worthwhile if it means you will have better access to a beautiful view or similar. In these instances, you’ll need to weigh up what matters most.


If you’re exploring home design options, the Fairhaven Homes team is your best resource! Get it right from the beginning with our friendly consultants and build a home you will love.

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