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Top tips to style your dining table this Festive Season

If you’re hosting lunch or dinner this year, now is the time to start thinking about how to style your dining table.

We’ve got some top tips that will help you get it right every time.


  1. Start with your dishes

The most important element for the table is the plates, bowls and serving dishes. They can also be the biggest expense, so rather than trying to fit the crockery into your theme, choose a theme that will work around your crockery options. That is, don’t decide your theme needs green bowls and plates and spend excess time and money trying to locate them. White plates and bowls can be just as stylish with the right tablecloths, napkins and accents.

Winter Wonderland inspired.


  1. Go with a theme

Themes can range from Jingle Bells to simple colour combinations, and they’ll help you stay on track during the styling process. You might like to keep it simple and festive by choosing between traditional red and green, red and white or white and green, and consider adding a metallic accent colour of gold or silver.

If you’re after something a bit different, an Australiana theme can look beautiful. Use the Australian natives as a guide, opting for a more earthy shade of green or gum blossom red and accent with wooden features.

Nordic inspired.


  1. Decorate thoughtfully

When it comes to table decorations, the little things count. Place settings with each guest’s name is a lovely personal touch. Glass markers or charms unique to each section of the table are a stylish way to help everyone tell their drinks apart. Finishing each plate with an ornament is not only a stunning finish, itis a thoughtful gift for each guest.

Informal inspired.


  1. Consider your centrepiece

A centrepiece can really bring your style together and make an impact. But it should be considered carefully — you don’t want it taking up valuable space or blocking your guests from communicating. With that in mind, keep it low so everyone can see each other. A low and narrow arrangement of flowers, candles or on-theme decorations is often perfect.

Informal inspired.

  1. Be practical

While you want your dining table to look incredible, the most important thing is that it is user-friendly. Avoid decorating to the point that it interferes with the dining experience. Think about how your guests will use the area and remove any barriers to enjoyment. For example, if there will be a lot of reaching across the table, keep serving dishes low to avoid spills and mishaps.

traditional inspired.

At the end of the day, sharing a meal in good company at this special time of year is what it’s all about, so have fun with your table styling.

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