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Top 3 Tips for Entertaining Over the Holidays

As summer is upon us, the party season is certainly in full swing. One of the most fulfilling feelings, when you have a great looking, functional home, is being able to share it with your friends and family. Whether you are hosting a Party Extravaganza, or even a simple, quiet family barbecue, it’s no secret that even the most seasoned entertainers can feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning an event in their own home. With this in mind, we’ve put together a little holiday bible for you to take the pressure off this festive season. No matter what you’re celebrating, now is the perfect time to familiarise yourself with our top tips for entertaining at home!

  1. Optimise Your Space for Entertaining

Your décor can either help or hinder your capacity to entertain, so, if you plan to entertain frequently, you should take this into account and think carefully when designing your home interior. The most basic instruction that resounds from professional party hosts globally is don’t over decorate. Clutter and intrusive ornaments will shrink the space and fragile items will make not only your guests feel on edge but will make your evening more stressful. If your home is already decorated, take the time before you entertain to put away your breakables and reduce the clutter in your home.

Seating should be aplenty. There’s nothing worse than the few awkward standing stragglers attempting to hold a conversation with someone seated on an entirely different level. Ensure there is either enough seating for all your guests or, for more abundant parties, a 1:2 ratio of seats to guests will ensure there’s always a group of people standing and will avoid uncomfortable outliers.

  1. Prepare for Drop-In Guests

Making a head start on the party season by preparing your food and beverage stores is a great move if you tend to get the odd drop-in guest. Be prepared to entertain spontaneously at the drop of a hat by ensuring your pantry is stocked and the necessities for a good time are merely at arm’s length. Do the same with your fridge! Whether it’s purchasing a couple of bottles of bubbly to have on hand, or simply some soft drink or sparkling water so you can offer your impromptu guests a cool refreshment on arrival.

Cheeses are a great item to keep ready in the refrigerator for entertaining spontaneously as (aside from being delicious!) they will last the holiday season and can be easily transformed into an impressive platter. Pair this with some fresh water crackers and some nuts and you’ll have a nibbling plate in minutes.

  1. Make the Most of Your Adult Social Time When You Have Kids

The best way to get the most out of social time with your family and friends with children is to plan something that will keep the kids occupied for the duration of the party.

A great way to do this for an afternoon event is by organising a treasure hunt around the backyard. This may take a little more planning, but it keeps the kids heads out of technology and gets them out in the fresh air. Create clues and puzzles that keep the little ones engaged throughout the afternoon. Make sure that it can be supervised from a distance (with a glass of wine in hand!) to ensure that you maximise the time you have to catch up with the adults at the party.

If you’re hosting an evening event, set up little play stations inside. Whether it’s a craft table, a fort building challenge, board games or creating a story with magnet letters on the fridge, set them a goal or target and give them a time limit and they’re likely to take to the challenge like a duck to water.


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