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Supporting sporting clubs to strengthen communities

As a leading homebuilder here in Victoria, Fairhaven Homes takes great pride in contributing to building communities from the ground up. Each house we design and build is a home for members of a broad range of communities across the state.

As well as quite literally building communities, we are also immensely proud of the contribution we make to strengthening communities. A huge aspect of a strong community spirit can be drawn from the sporting clubs within neighbourhoods and regions, which is why we are continuing sponsors of the West Gippsland Football and Netball Competition, including the West and South Junior leagues.

Clubs in Nar Nar Goon, Garfield, Bunyip, Philip Island and many more, participate in the competition that many of our clients call home. Through our partnership, we hope to help the clubs grow their participation, develop their teams and get more support on board with volunteers and sponsors.

Fairhaven Homes play a big part in building homes on the other far side of Melbourne, in Geelong and surrounds. With this in mind, we also have a strong partnership with the Geelong District Football Netball League — the region’s oldest football league. Their twelve teams consist of Belmont, Bannockburn, Bell Post Hill, Corio, Werribee and many more, each deserving the support to grow their communities and continue enhancing their exceptional community spirit.


The valuable role of sporting clubs in communities

Sporting clubs don’t just offer the joy of participation in sport. They are a hub for residents to come together, fostering a sense of belonging for locals, week in, week out. They offer a place for people to catch up, get to know other residents and enhance the overall sentiment of what it means to belong in a community.

Being an active participant in your local community is crucial for its growth and vitality. By participating in community events, volunteering, or joining local organisations like sporting clubs, you can meet people from different walks of life, expand your social network and enhance the overall wellbeing of the community, along with your own.


Strong and connected communities

A strong and connected community can provide a support system that helps individuals and families navigate whatever comes their way. Whether it’s organising fundraisers for those in need, coordinating community efforts for a shared goal or responding to a crisis, the collective strength of a community can make a significant difference.

At Fairhaven Homes, we recognise and value the importance of community support and are committed to building not only houses but strong and thriving communities throughout Victoria. Learn more about Fairhaven Homes work within community groups and charities here.