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What to Look for When Visiting a Display Home

Visiting display homes is a great way to get inspired and gain much needed information before you decide to build your new home. However, with so many designs to choose from and things to consider, visiting a display village can be overwhelming. To make things a little simpler, here are factors to take into account when you visit a display home.

Your home is your sanctuary to enjoy the things you love, whether that is entertaining, spending time with family or squeezing in that much needed relaxation. It is, therefore, crucial to have a long think about the layout of the home to make sure it is going to suit your needs. Are the kitchen and outdoor areas close together enough to ensure a great entertainment space? Are two bedrooms close together great for a nursery and main bedroom? Whatever your requirements, make sure the display home will tick all of the boxes for you.

The quality of construction
It can become all too easy to get caught up in the pretty finishes that you forget to look at the bigger picture. Yes, the kitchen finishes look nice and you absolutely love the style that is utilised in the bathroom, but what about the quality of the work? You need to look past the impressive finishes and take a good look at the quality of construction and the efforts that the team has gone to in order to ensure a great home.

Examining doors and windows can be a great place to start. Check if they are level, and look for any gaps as these are clear indicators that the construction has been rushed. Take a look at the building materials the home builder has used, the appliances and fixtures, do research on brands to see they are valuing quality.

Will it fit with your area?
The display home you’re visiting may have the ideal views of the city or parks and receive great sunlight, but will you get the same effect when it is on your block of land? You need to consider whether the things you love about the house will still be there once it is constructed on your block. Will bedrooms be positioned to reduce noise coming from the street? Will they get adequate sunlight/shade?

That positive feeling
It may seem a little strange but one of the most important things to look for has nothing to do with visuals. When you enter a home, you want to get that feeling of being relaxed and comfortable. We hear all too often to “trust your gut” and there is a good reason why. Your gut feeling can be your best friend, and will help you to narrow down the list of potential home designs and builders you will have to choose from.


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