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Is It Cheaper To Knock Down And Rebuild Your Home?

house being knocked down for rebuilding

When you love where you live, but your house just isn’t meeting your needs, embarking on a knockdown rebuild can be the answer. If you’ve been exploring the ins and outs of upgrading your home without leaving your location, deciding on the most cost-effective option can be a consideration too. Let’s assess some of the key factors to look at to make the right choice for you.

What are the benefits of knocking down and rebuilding?


Knocking down and rebuilding can give you the best of both worlds. You can stay in your ideal location, keeping your neighbours and local community, while living in your dream home. A knockdown rebuild also means you can make the most of the equity you have. After all, even if your house hasn’t increased in value over the years, your land likely has and a newly built home will only add to it.


What are the costs of knocking down and rebuilding?

Budget can play a key role in your decision-making. Assessing the cost of knocking down and rebuilding compared to renovating, remodelling, building or buying elsewhere is part of the process. For a knockdown rebuild, the cost will depend on factors such as your land and the size of the home you want to build.  


Why is it cheaper to knock down and rebuild? 

While renovating can seem cost-effective in the short term, it often doesn’t tick all the boxes. Rather than trying to make the best of your old home, it can work out cheaper to start over with a knockdown rebuild. Not only does this enable you to create a home that has everything you need, but you will also avoid the hidden (and expensive) surprises that can pop up with renovating.


How do you find the right knockdown rebuild specialists?

If you’ve decided that knocking down and rebuilding is the right option for you, it’s important to choose your builder carefully. The knockdown rebuild process should support you at every step. Fairhaven Homes are knock-down rebuild specialists and ensure that the entire journey goes smoothly so you can build with confidence.


How do you finance a knockdown rebuild?

As well as looking at home designs and floorplans, you’ll need to get the financial side sorted to avoid any delays holding you back. Chat with your bank about your current mortgage situation, explore what’s possible with the equity you have, or have a chat with Fairhaven about their construction finance.


Learn more about the knockdown rebuild process

A knockdown rebuild is a great way to build your dream home in your ideal location. And with the Fairhaven Homes process, you can achieve it with an exceptional range of homes and pricing to suit your needs and budget. Start with a conversation about knocking down and rebuilding with Fairhaven Homes.