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How to design your new home to save on Electricity & Gas – Part 2

Staying on top of energy bills can make a difference to your outgoings and help keep your budget healthy.

During the design process for your new Fairhaven Home, you get the opportunity to make key choices that can reduce your energy expenditure and in turn reduce your electricity and gas bills in the short term and for years to come. Plus, you get to feel good about contributing to a more sustainable planet at the same time.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of impactful elements to consider during your home design journey as well as things you can do day to day.


Lighting choices: As well as LED globes, lighting choices can reduce your energy usage. With a well-considered home design you can maximise natural light and limit the need for lights during daylight hours. On top of that, separate lights on switches so you can use the minimum amount of lights necessary. Feature and task lighting as well as lamps can help too.


Use power boards: Did you know that your appliances continue to draw power even when the device is turned off? This means phone chargers, televisions, gaming consoles and the like are increasing your energy use while they’re not in use. To reduce their passive use, consider turning off at the switch or using power boards. Smart power boards can recognise when a device is in standby mode and cut individual power supply off until the appliance is turned on again. Some power boards are equipped with timers to similarly reduce power.


Consider window furnishings: Not only can window furnishings change the look and feel of your home, but they can also play a role in your home’s need to use heating, cooling and lights. Windows can be responsible for heat loss and gain in your home, so consider each window’s position when choosing suitable window coverings. From plantation shutters to block out blinds, insulated curtains and more, there are many options to explore that will help you keep your home feeling comfortable without increasing your energy bills.


Washing habits: Today’s washing machines are effective to use in either hot or cold water — and choosing cold water can help to reduce your bills. Save on electricity by not using the dryer and hanging washing out to dry, in a sunny spot outdoors when weather permits.


Compare providers: There are many energy providers to choose from, so choose wisely. Jump on to a comparison site to make sure you are getting the best deal possible that is suited to your family’s unique usage, preferences and budget.


Need more tips to save on electricity & gas in your home?

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