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How to create a warm or cool interior (without blowing your energy budget)

There are many factors that determine whether your interior has a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ feel – and they have nothing to do with leaving the air-conditioning blasting day and night. Thinking about how you want to live can help you choose the right option for your interior.

What makes a warm interior?

  • Warm colours: beige, brown, cream, pink, earthy tones
  • Warm materials: floorboards, timbers, organic shapes

 When might you choose a warm interior?

  • You live in a colder climate with longer periods of winter
  • You favour natural, earthy elements throughout your home
  • You’re chasing that ‘hygge’ vibe (hygge is a Danish word that describes a cosy and comforting aesthetic that fosters a sense of contentment and well-being)

What makes a cool interior?

  • Cool colours: grey, white, black
  • Cool materials: tiles, plain colours, monochromatic

When might you choose a cool interior?

  • You live in the warmer parts of the country, and are focused on staying cool during the hot summer months
  • You favour a sleek, modern and minimalist aesthetic
  • You want a ‘blank canvas’ to highlight the furniture, fabrics and artwork that will bring character and life to your home

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