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Floorboards or tiles – which is best for your new home?

The floor you choose plays a big part in both the overall look and feel of your home, as well as its liveability (and cleanability!). Here are some considerations when choosing which option is best for your home:

Why we love tiles

  • Family-proof. Tiles are waterproof and scratch-resistant, making them the perfect kid-proof flooring. Being waterproof is the main reason why tiles are generally used in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets, and this feature also makes them ideal for high-spill zones such as kitchens and family areas.
  • Low maintenance. As they are waterproof, tiles are especially easy to clean. And unlike timber floorboards, which generally require occasional staining or other care, the hard-wearing nature of tiles means they don’t need any special treatment.
  • Cool in summer. If you like to keep your cool, tiles are the perfect choice. They can really help lower the temperature underfoot on those hot summer days.
  • Flexibility. Tiles come in a vast variety of designs, finishes and sizes providing many options for the homeowner.  Tiles can be designed to resemble other floor materials such as timber, concrete or terrazzo.  Tile finishes can range from Gloss to Lappato to Matt.  A tile can be found to suit all interiors.

Why we love floorboards

  • Natural-looking. For most people, the beautiful aesthetics of timber floorboards is the biggest selling point. They are captivating, and bring a warmth and harmony to your home’s interior design. Floorboards can also enhance other aspects of your home’s design, especially timber features.
  • Scratch-resistant. While floorboards aren’t as fully wear-and-tear as tiles, being scratch-resistant means they can withstand most knocks from little people, and from life in general. But as they aren’t waterproof, you’ll need to be more vigilant with spills and leaks.
  • Warm underfoot. The warmth of floorboards isn’t just aesthetic. While tiles can get cold in winter, floorboards feel cosy all year round.
  • This is definitely a factor to consider if you’ve got a lot of rampaging little feet in your house. Tiles are more reflective so can magnify sounds, whereas floorboards are better at absorbing sound.

Ultimately, choosing between floorboards or tiles comes down to a range of personal factors including where you live, how many adults and children you live with, whether you have pets and how you want to live.

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