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Essential checklist during your knock down rebuild

A knock down rebuild can be the perfect answer to achieve your home goals. Especially true when you already own a house or are looking for land in your dream location, but it is just not the right fit for you.


When you embark on the knock down rebuild journey with Fairhaven Homes, you’ll have the support of our experienced and helpful team from start to finish. It can also be handy to have a checklist on the go to keep you on top of everything along the way.


We’ve put together a list of essentials for during your knock down rebuild so you can stay on track and ensure everything goes smoothly. You can also download our KDR guide here.


Knock Down Rebuild Checklist


Check planning regulations: Before diving into your project, familiarise yourself with the planning regulations in your area to avoid any hiccups later on.


Research colours: Take the time to explore various colour schemes and finishes for your new home.

Chat to the neighbours: If you can, let your neighbours know about your plans prior to them commencing to keep it harmonious.

Work out your temporary relocation: Before demolition starts, you will need to establish a new place to call home temporarily while your new home is being constructed. This might be a rental or staying with family or friends. Consider storage for your belongings too if needed.


Notify insurance providers: Let your insurance provider know your upcoming construction project. They will guide you through the necessary updates to your home insurance policy or advise you on any additional coverage required during the knock down rebuild process.


Seek out demolition companies: Obtain a few quotes for demolition companies who can clear your block so you can make an informed decision.

How much does it cost to Knock Down Rebuild?

Abolishment of services: Arrange for the discontinuation of essential services such as water, gas, and electricity before the demolition commences. You should also discuss the installation of new services for once construction is complete.


Landscaping plan: Consider your landscaping needs and preferences for the new property. Start thinking about outdoor spaces, gardens, and any additional features you might want.


Consider additional or new furniture: Your new home might be bigger or have different requirements, so start looking at furniture options. Anything essential could be pre-ordered so you’re ready to go when your home is.


Remember, this checklist serves as a general guide, but the Fairhaven team will be there to walk you through every step of the knock down rebuild.


With Fairhaven Homes by your side, you can be confident in having an enjoyable journey towards a dream home for you and your family.