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Documents and payments required to commence your build

There are many steps required before your new home build can start. Below is a list of the important documents and payments required – some that we take care of for you, and some that you need to action yourself.

Final Tender

At your tender appointment, a trusted Tender Presenter will run you through your final working drawings & quote for your approval. Once you’re happy with all documentation, a further $2,000 deposit is required to produce a HIA contract

Sign HIA contract and pay balance of deposit

Upon finalisation of your tender, we’ll send you a HIA contract to sign. You will then be required to pay the remaining balance (5%) of your deposit at this time before we can commence the pre-build process. Your initial sales deposit and tender deposit will be deducted from your total 5% amount. Once paid, please send a receipt of your payment to your Client Relations Officer.

Building Permit

Once we receive your signed HIA contract, we order a building permit with your nominated Registered Building Surveyor. Any permit requirements will be incorporated in your final plans and associated documents.

Unconditional finance approval

Your Finance Broker or Lender notifies us that you’ve received unconditional finance approval and provides us with a copy of the formal approval.

Signed loan documents

You or your Broker need to provide signed loan documents to your Client Relations Officer.

Settlement of land / land title

You or your Conveyancer need to provide Evidence of Land Ownership or an updated land title to your Client Relations Officer.

Asset protection permit

You need to apply for and pay for the asset protection permit through your local council. Your Client Relations Officer will send you an inspection report completed by one of our Supervisors, detailing any existing damages to Council assets and prompt you to apply for this before commencing construction.

Community Infrastructure Levy payment

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a one-off payment to council that covers the cost of local infrastructure in new communities, such as outdoor recreation areas, community centres and libraries. You will need to arrange for payment of the Community Infrastructure Levy with your local council (if applicable).

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